Our Trekking / Hiking / Tramping / Walking Holidays Explained

Most importantly, the choices are all yours. Check out our walking holidays page for prices and grading. To see how we grade our walks and treks is detailed below and will have a grade next to the week in our pricing section. (We tend to use the terms 'walking', 'trekking', 'tramping' and 'hiking' fairly interchangeably, but in general, a hike or a trek is likely to be longer or more arduous.)

For more on independent walking, see below if you prefer to just do your own thing, that's fine too, and you can book several of these treks, hikes or day walks on an independent basis. Details about our independent walking holidays in the Pyrenees can be found below and walks are available from the beginning of May through to the end of October and you can start your holiday on any day of the week.

Secondly, you can opt for either guided or independent walks or a mixture of both. For more information on guided walks, go to our Holiday packages page and look for walks listed as guided.

We believe that UK walkers are unnecessarily wary when it comes to guided walking, imagining perhaps it will be heads down route march, nothing could be farther from the truth. Our Leaders are very skilled at pacing the experience for the group and they have a great respect for nature and quietness.

If you would like to walk in a guided group, see our guided weeks in detail below. We welcome walkers of all ages, levels of fitness, and singles, couples or groups. However, please check that the described level of walking is right for you. .

Walking Grades
Each of the walks is given a grade. For each of the walks our grading is detailed below and is also shown along side our holidays within the Holiday Packages section. This will help you choose an itinerary that is within your capabilities and fitness as well as help us to ensure that our groups are made up of people with similar abilities and aspirations.

All of our mountain guides are profesionally qualified and are covered under the general terms in most insurance policies - Please check that you have adequate cover for your own safety and of that of others within the group.

Grade A: walks consist of no more than 3 hours walking a day. The walk will need a basic fitness from exercise once or twice per week. Walks will generally be undertaken in a valleys slight inclines at moderate altitude not exceeding 1,950 metres and there will be plenty of stops to look around. The paths will be mainly worn tracks which will be in good condition and not steep.

Grade B: walks consist of about four - five hours walking; a moderate fitness is required from two or three medium paced walks each week. Can walk on hilly terrain or more demanding mountainous terrain these are on rough paths at altitudes of up to 2,450 metres. Rest stops are fewer than in Grade A walks, although there are still enough.

Grade C: treks consist of walking for anything up to seven to nine hours a day at high altitudes Good fitness from daily walking and time spent actively involved in walking in groups and can walk full days in any terrain and at a good pace. Early season (June/July) walks will require the use of specialist equipment e.g. crampons or snow shoes these can be hired and may be needed to cross high passes or to reach a summit.

Grade D: treks consist of walks that take 8+ hours per day. Excellent fitness is required from regular walking and a significant amount of skill in mountaineering. Can walk in any terrain at a demanding pace, to follow routes at high altitudes over rough snowy terrain with the occasional glaciers, these walks benefit experienced walkers with a high degree of enthusiasm and sense of adventure?

If you are in any doubt about which grade of walk would most suit you, please telephone and we will happily discuss your holiday with you in detail. Email Robert for advice see our contacts page.